Qubicle Change Log

Version 3.1.2 01/27/2017

  • New action Voxelizer > Set Target Size
  • New actions Tools > Set Primary Color, Set Secondary Color
  • New QB export option to remove indices from object names
  • Dbl-Click now applies multi-step tool actions of Extrude tool etc.
  • Moved swap/default primary/secondary color action to Tools
  • Fixed Create Landscape bugs (missing translation, faulty gradient)

Version 3.1.1 01/23/2017

  • Qubicle now available in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Dutch

Version 3.1.0 01/17/2017

  • Qubicle now available in German
  • Quick help for all menu entries displayed in status bar
  • Online documentation linked for all menu entries with available help (Windows only)
  • New Mirror Wall toggle and view properties
  • Pop up dialogs can now be closed with ESC
  • Duplicate Special now with rotation and scale
  • Fixed Voxelizer mesh load bugs (spaces in filenames, Blender)
  • Fixed DAE Export bug (added # for data references)
  • Replaced all appearances of the word "swatch" with "color"

Version 3.0.7 11/23/2016

  • Added quick help and knowledgebase article linking for various menu entries (currently windows only)
  • Lowered transparency of mirror wall
  • Fixed color mixer bug (wrong swatch assignment)
  • Fixed tool symmetry offset bug
  • Fixed flip z for compounds bug
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.0.6 10/28/2016

  • Fixed "Export Cubes" top/bottom face coloring bug
  • Mesh export setting "Voxel Size" now supports 6 decimal places
  • Moved various features from Utility DLC to Core
  • Changed Demo setup

Version 3.0.5 09/13/2016

  • new abort button for mesh export
  • New individual export option for QB
  • New "Export Slices": export slices as separate png
  • New "Export Cubes": export individual cube meshes
  • New mesh export warning if object is oversized
  • New mesh export warning toggle in presets
  • Fixed mesh abort issues
  • "Divide" modifier values are now always reset to 1
  • Uniform option added to "Scale"
  • OBJ export position fix
  • Mousewheel zoom is now disabled when mousewheel is down
  • minor fixes

Version 3.0.4 08/11/2016

  • new abort button for mesh export
  • added filename prefix and texture folder to mesh export settings
  • increased mesh export speed
  • added Face selection to DAE and OBJ export
  • New Modify > Other > Highlight T-Junctions
  • new Render Bounding box toggle
  • Fixed initial jump/lag bug for all tools
  • Added "Number of Shades" option to gradient overlay modifier
  • Added "Apply/Attach Lossless"
  • Reset Popup Windows now also resets Color Mixer position
  • Added "Uniform" setting to Integer Scale
  • Fixed Info panel Position field
  • Added auto-scale for Voxelizer meshes if too big/small
  • Improved dialogues
  • New help system

Version 3.0.3 06/18/2016

  • New Gradient Overlay modifier
  • Fixed Minecraft 128 block limit
  • Added option menu to Minecraft > Edit Blocks to enable/disable all blocks
  • Disabled blocks are now discarded on import/export/apply
  • Edge bleed amount for mesh export can now be set
  • Default naming for export fixed
  • Voxel selection is now hidden while using color transform modifiers
  • "Season Pass" label added for Steam users who have all modules
  • Voxelizer "pink box" fix
  • Render as image pink background fix

Version 3.0.2 05/09/2016

  • New "Select Next" and "Select Previous" for circular selection
  • New helpers for Staxel modding (built-in models, import/export)
  • "Voxelizer Mesh Scale" max values increased to 5000.
  • Fixed Voxelizer bug on OS X

Version 3.0.1 04/24/2016

  • Fixed MagicaVoxel .vox import when using default colors
  • Added support for 2-button mouse pan

Version 3.0.0 04/21/2016

  • First edition available on Steam
  • New tools "Freehand", "Line", "Paint Selection"
  • New standard primitive tools "Box", "Sphere", etc.
  • New tool-mirroring
  • New modifier "Advanced Hollow", "Remove Hull"
  • New upload to i.materialise for online 3D printing
  • New built-in Voxelizer
  • New "Count Voxels"
  • New exchange format "Qubicle Binary Tree"
  • New swatch handling actions "Create Gradient", "Clear Names"
  • Improved tool handling for all tools
  • "Mask" and "Trace Stroke" are now global tool options
  • "Mask" behavior inverted: selected voxels are now protected
  • Move tool now selects contiguous areas
  • Drawing on walls removed
  • Removed 2Da mode
  • Various small and big bugfixes

Version 2.5.8 11/24/2015

  • Maximum matrix size raised from 128x128x128 to 1024x512x1024
  • Maximum child object count raised from 128 to 16777215
  • Improved Quick Access Bar with tabs and easy favorite assignment
  • New camera transition on activate
  • Camera positions are stored per object for easier navigation
  • New header bar with breadcrumb navigation
  • New secondary swatch
  • Customizable user interface colors and 3 preset color schemes
  • Customizable render turntable properties
  • New info panel
  • New swatch palette overview panel "All Swatches"
  • Improved swatch palette handling
  • Activate menu removed
  • Activate renamed to "Edit > Edit Isolated"
  • New "Edit > Edit in Place" for inline ghosting
  • "Modify > Rename" renamed to "Edit > Name"
  • Improved tool handling
  • New "Trace Stroke" tool option for pencil, eraser and add
  • Improved display option handling
  • "Voxel Size" renamed to "Global Scale"
  • Tool Wheel now holds place for 8 tools. Tool modes removed
  • New slice number info panel
  • New camera home button next to cam cube
  • Removed tool option "Multi-Stroke"
  • Matrices' voxels are no longer editable outside of matrix editor
  • Every tool can now select and acivate an object
  • Move tool can now select voxels
  • Improved Render To File workflow
  • Customizable Watermark colors
  • Customizable additional directional light
  • Hightlighted object handling with keyboard shortcut removed, object now needs to be selected. E.g. MouseOver + [Q] no longer works
  • Removed chunk input fields from all create menus
  • Improved start menu
  • On export as Qubicle Binary export settings can now be changed
  • Open forum now links to the new forum
  • New Force MouseDown to temporarily switch to Auto Slice Mode
  • Customizable refresh rate and force down delay
  • Alternative Input Mode
  • Import QBCL added
  • Drag'n'drop file import
  • New paint tool that can paint voxels or paint a selection
  • New modifier Parent and Unparent to manage object hierarchies
  • New primitives disc, rectangle, triangle, donut
  • "Enlarge" renamed to "Integer Scale"
  • Integer Scale now works on Compounds
  • FBX export option faces lets you select faces to export
  • Built-in test models
  • Test Mode for Trial
  • Welcome Screen
  • New Modifier "Apply Swatches"
  • New Modifier "Linear Snapshot"
  • Fixed FBX export as manifold
  • Popup window positions stored on a global or per window basis.
  • Pierce, Enable Walls added to more tools
  • New late shift behaviour. Hold shift after mouse down to draw lines
  • Fixed various bugs

Version 2.0.19 Beta 07/15/2015

  • Fixed Scale bug
  • Fixed Rectangle bug
  • Windows 10 compatibility

Version 2.0.18 Beta 06/10/2015

  • Fixed Export Selection QEF, VOX, Schematic
  • Fixed Create Cylinder. Using a different algorithm now.
  • Fixed Extend Workarea. Multiple selected matrices can now be extended.
  • Report A Bug message field is no longer read-only
  • Render To File with transparent background fixed.
  • Rectangle select fixed (selecting an area of zero height or width selected all)
  • Fixed Save As bug (saving wasn't possible after cancelling)
  • Last 50 actions are now stored for better bug reporting
  • "Can't undo while in transaction" exception fixed

Version 2.0.17 Beta 05/12/2015

  • New FBX export
  • New DAE/FBX export setting "World Origin"
  • Fixed Arbitrary Rotate
  • Export pivots are now updated after Rotate, Scale, Flip, Enlarge and Optimize Workarea
  • Dae Export Unit Size now supports 6 decimal digits
  • Q2 now runs on case sensitive OSX file systems
  • Removed function key shortcuts from Quick Access Bar on Windows
  • Function keys and the Del key can now be assigned as shortcuts
  • To remove a shortcut from a menuentry now re-enter that shorcut
  • Render to file now prompts a file overwrite warning message
  • Improved Bug Report

Version 2.0.16 Beta 03/31/2015

  • New Arbitrary Rotate
  • New Arbitrary Scale
  • Fixed Enlarge Bug

Version 2.0.15 Beta 03/20/2015

  • New Heightmap Import
  • New Terrain Generator
  • New Minecraft .schematic import and export
  • New Minecraft Block Property Editor
  • New Apply Minecraft Blocks action
  • New Reset Minecraft Blocks action
  • New Create Swatches from Minecraft Blocks action
  • Added Shift Nudge Size to preferences
  • Double click to activate parent can now be deactivated
  • Fixed a DAE export bug that caused double geometry
  • Fixed Vertex Color DAE export bug
  • Various minor improvements and fixes

Version 2.0.14 Beta 02/20/2015

  • Fixed Save action
  • Fixed Voxel Size preferences

Version 2.0.13 Beta 02/16/2015

  • Fixed OBJ material file bug
  • Fixed DAE invalid tag bug
  • Fixed DAE unite size bug
  • Fixed SimpleTex map uv-layout bug
  • Fixed Image import color byte flip bug
  • Fixed OSX OBJ encoding bug
  • Fixed OSX [Space] bug
  • Fixed OSX context menu bug
  • Various small OSX bug fixes

Version 2.0.12 Beta 02/05/2015

  • Added Export Pivots and Unit Size to Collada .dae exporter
  • Improved performance and output quality of all mesh exporters
  • Added Camera Light Settings to Preferences
  • New Linear Projection Modifier
  • New MagicaVoxel .VOX importer
  • New Paint3d .3mp importer
  • Added OpenGL initialization failure messages
  • Fixed Export file extension bug
  • Fixed QB import/export bugs
  • Fixed OSX Cmd shortcut bug
  • Fixed Create Matrix name bug
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.11 Beta 12/29/2014

  • Fixed move tool bug
  • Fixed various osx bugs
  • Fixed OSX app icon
  • Fixed mesh export 0.5 offset bug
  • Fixed Sketchfab upload OpenSSL bug

Version 2.0.10 Beta 12/23/2014

  • Added progressbars for mesh export actions
  • Added Preserve Position to mesh export settings
  • Added Private and Password fields for upload to Sketchfab
  • Fixed various OSX bugs
  • Fixed tool wheel customization bug
  • Fixed remember export folder bug

Version 2.0.9 Beta 12/17/2014

  • Fixed shift line bug
  • Fixed Quick Access assign bug
  • Fixed Main Menu assign bug
  • Added rename Quick Access Icon
  • Enter/Return key now submits forms
  • First control on form now receives auto focus

Version 2.0.8 Beta 12/05/2014

  • OSX Fixed Render to File bug
  • OSX Disabled sandboxing
  • OSX Enabled ini saving in /documents/qubicle2/
  • Fixed Mesh export bugs
  • Added automatic unique name validation

Version 2.0.7 Beta 11/28/2014

  • First OS X release
  • Redesigned components
  • Cleaned up the main menu
  • Added current swatches to the color picker
  • New Preferences dialogue
  • New Reset Qubicle dialogue
  • Added alternative camera handling
  • Fixed empty matrix export bug
  • Fixed Rename bug
  • Fixed Create Primitive bugs
  • Fixed QEF export bug
  • Fixed Upload to Sketchfab bug
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.6 Beta 10/30/2014

  • Added upload to Sketchfab
  • New startscreen
  • Added check for updates
  • Added links to various online resources
  • Added qbcl file type association
  • Added default models to install package
  • Added transparent background option to render
  • Fixed save in matrix mode bug
  • Fixed create sphere bug
  • Fixed boolean difference/intersection
  • Fixed qbcl file thumbnail generation
  • Various minor fixes and improvemenets

Version 2.0.5 Beta 10/01/2014

  • Added mesh export OBJ, DAE, STL
  • Added "Export Selection" actions
  • Fixed window position bug
  • Changed max size of matrices to 128x128x128

Version 2.0.4 Beta 09/08/2014

  • Fixed Create bug
  • Fixed Fill bug
  • Fixed QB import/export bugs

Version 2.0.3 Beta 08/26/2014

  • First version available for pre-order

Version 2.0.2 Beta 08/01/2014

Version 2.0.1 Beta 06/20/2014

Version 2.0.0 Beta 04/06/2014