Set Perpendicular / Isometric

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Set Perpendicular and Set Isometric move the camera to predetermined geometric positions.

Set Perpendicular moves the camera to a 90°, orthographic view of the top, bottom or side of the model. This is the same as clicking the sides of the CamCube.

Using the commands in the Camera menu allows you to easily set a hotkey for a particular view.

Camera > Set Perpendicular > Front:

Set Perpendicular > Nearest moves the camera to the active side of the view, as indicated by the lighter side of the CamCube.

In this case, Nearest will set the view to the front.

Set Isometric

Set Isometric moves the camera to a 45° angle with three sides of the object equally visible.

An example is the Home command, which performs the same operation as Camera > Set Isometric > Top Front Right.

This is especially useful to generate classic isometric pixel art, as seen in beloved strategy games, for example.

Set Isometric > Nearest moves the camera to the isometric view corresponding with the closest corner of the CamCube.

Camera > Set Isometric > Bottom Back Right:

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