To export the active object use File > Export > .... If you only want to export objects that are selected use File > Export Selection > .... Qubicle remembers the export file path after a completed export seperately for each file format.

Voxel Export

Qubicle currently supports 4 different voxel formats. More will follow. If you like to request a file format please contact us.

Qubicle Binary

Originally developed for the game Stonehearth this open file format is used by several other games and tools. It supports RLE compression and multiple objects. To adjust export settings for Qubicle Binary use Edit > Preferences. Learn more about parsing QB.

Qubicle Exchange Format

QEF is a simple text file format that is not as powerfull as QB but easier to parse. Learn more about parsing QEF.

Voxlap VOX

This file format is used by several games like Ace Of Spades that use the Voxlap Engine.

Minecraft .schematic

The .schematic file format was created by the Minecraft community to store sections of a Minecraft world for use with third-party programs like MCEdit.

Mesh Export

Qubicle currently supports 4 different 3d formats.


A powerfull binary file format. Fastest export. Recommended.

Collada Digital Asset Exchange

Collada is an ASCII format using a XML structure. It offers the same settings as FBX but is slower on export.

Wavefront OBJ

Wavefront OBJ is a widespread 3d format that can be imported by almost all 3d tools. This file format does not support pivots and vertex color.


STL is a 3d file format that is neither very powerfull nor feature-rich but due to its stringent regulations it is the file format commonly used for 3d printing.


Mesh Export Options


Texture should be used for most cases and enables you to use mesh optimization.
If you use SimpleTex Qubicle looks for all the colors used in the model and builds a simple texture with a square for each color used. Mesh optimization is unavailable if you use SimpleTex, so this method is not recommended for realtime applications.
Vertex Color does not produce a texture file and requires a vertex color shader in order to display the colors. You can use mesh optimization with this option but since the algorithm needs to weigh in the color of voxels the optimization will result in a higher poly count.


By choosing None only the invisible lamina faces will be removed, leaving an unoptimized hull.
Non-Manifold produces the lowest poly count but may lead to unwanted tiny dots when used in game engines. That's because non-manifold meshes are not watertight. Manifold meshes on the other hand are watertight but require more triangles than non-manifold meshes. Manifold and non-manifold optimization produce the same texture output.

Pivot Position

Collada only. You can either use the mesh export pivots that you can edit on a per object basis in Qubicle, or you can overwrite those mesh export pivots by using Centered.

Unit Size (m)

Collada only. Sets the size for one voxel in meters.

Texel Size

Defines how many pixels are used for a voxel face on the texture. Usefull in conjunction with SimpleTex, but be careful with this values when using texture as material.

Preserve Positions

If enabled all objects are translated to their position specified in Qubicle. This has different results depending on the file format. While Collada behaves as you would expect it, OBJ does not support object translation, so all object positions are added to the vertex positions.

Single Mesh File

If disabled all objects are stored in a seperate file.

Single Texture File

If disabled then a seperate texture is created for each object.

Export Pivots

Export pivots can be set for every object in Qubicle. To modify pivots use Modify > Export Pivot. To display them enable View > Export Pivots. Selected objects will now display their pivots as an orange cross.

Import With Third Party Tools

In order to correctly render exported meshes in third party tools most of them require adjustments to the texture settings:

  • Set the texture filter mode to linear or nearest.
  • If available set texture compression to 16 bit or true color.
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