Minddesk Software GmbH
Based in Hanover, Germany

Release date:
10 December, 2010

PC / Mac


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USD$20 - $180


Qubicle is the voxel editor of choice for indie game developers to easily design charming video games with a unique blocky style. Big hits like Crossy Road and Shooty Skies were made with the help of this software. Qubicle features all the tools needed to conveniently and quickly create 3D models. The basic application offers an entry point for voxel modelling and is addressed to hobbyists and modders. Custom outfits and weapons for moddable voxel games can be designed, creations can be shared and 3D prints can be ordered online. The software can easily be upgraded to a professional game design tool with available DLC. The Qubicle Mesh DLC unlocks all mesh exporters coming with the Qubicle Voxel Editor. It enables the export of optimized low-poly meshes that can be used with all common game development engines and third party 3D editors. Qubicle’s optimization algorithm reduces the polycount by up to 90% depending on the underlying model. This saves valuable rendering resources, and allows using the generated assets even for mobile game development. Qubicle Utility makes the work with voxels even more convenient by offering seven addtional tools, over 25 transformers and modifiers, auto tool mirroring, object hierarchies and the landscape generator. With the new built-in voxelization tools regular meshes can be converted to voxels with unmatched convenience. A mesh can be imported and voxelized directly in a voxel scene. It can be rotated and scaled until the result matches the expectations of the user. Mesh to voxel conversion has never been easier. The Voxelizer reads the very common file format OBJ which can be exported by almost all 3D editors and supports color materials as well as textures.


The work on Qubicle started in 2005 when design student Tim Wesoly had the idea to create 3D models based on single-coloured cubes. He decided to develop his own editor simply because of the fact that there wasn't anything available that could help him to easily create the style he had in mind. After finishing his first prototype called Qubes, Minecraft slowly emerged and it became clear that voxels could be used for game development. Today, after 10 years of research and development, Qubicle is the voxel editor that is used by most game developers when it comes to voxels. Some of recent video games wouldn't have been made without Qubicle, including world hits like Crossy Road and Shooty Skies.


  • Draw, erase, select and move voxels in 3D or on a 2D canvas with 21 editing tools that are easy to learn and use
  • Build big models from smaller parts that can easily be transformed and modified
  • Voxel standard primitives like spheres, pyramides and tori
  • 40+ actions to transform and modify objects or selections of voxels
  • Import and export of a variety of voxel formats
  • Modding of supported voxel games
  • Direct upload to Sketchfab (a platform for sharing and displaying 3D models online)
  • Direct upload to i.materialise (an online service for 3D printing)
  • Landscape generator
  • Auto tool mirroring
  • Object hierarchies with Compounds
  • Mesh to voxel conversion
  • Export as OBJ, FBX, STL, Collada. Generated low poly meshes are usable with all common game engines


Qubicle 3.0 Trailer YouTube

Qubicle Application Example YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (433KB)

download logo files as .zip (37KB)


  • "To put it bluntly, Qubicle is an amazing tool. The most feature complete voxel editor out there. With its highly flexible UI and ease of use, I'd classify Qubicle as the Adobe of voxel editors. The tool works beautifully for both illustrators and developers, the full package."
    - Zachary Soares, Voxel-Artist, Website
  • "Qubicle is a pretty fast and fun voxel editor. i eat about 9 Qubicle blocks for breakfast. There's no real reason to use anything else."
    - Ben Weatherall, Designer of Cross Road, Website

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Crossy Road
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Shooty Skies
by Mighty Games .

Pac-Man 256
by Hipster Whale bandainamcoent.de.

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In The Shadows
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About Minddesk Software GmbH

Minddesk Software GmbH is a German independent software development studio founded by Tim Wesoly. Minddesk focuses on user-friendly voxel tools and is best known for its voxel editor Qubicle.

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Qubicle Credits

Tim Wesoly
Senior Developer

Tobias Pott
Junior Developer

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